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"Working with H.A.U.T.E Creative has been a breath of fresh air.  Michaela and Donny have been so kind and willing to work out all the details of my vision with me. They are always open to new ideas and make sure I am happy with everything. They have been a pleasure to work with and I am ecstatic about what we’ve created together!"




FAVVKES is an exciting, emerging Canadian artist and songwriter. FAVVKES brings you 90s nostalgia with a 2020 attitude. Her alternative rock style is reminiscent of artists like Courtney Love and Garbage while bringing attitude and fresh fashion that transcends decades like Gwen Stefani.


FAVVKES got her start as one of the members of KINK, a punk girl group. After they disbanded, FAVVKES quickly developed her own personal artistry and embarked on a solo career. Spending a few years writing with many different producers, from the Dream House team to Thomas McKay of Exeter Sound Studios, she is now ready to release her debut EP. 


H.A.U.T.E worked with FAVVKES to create an image and style that incapsulates who she is an artist and what her music represents. We worked very closely with her to ensure that she felt her authenticity as an artist was being brought to the forefront while leveraging a brand of strength, power, complexity and attitude. H.A.U.T.E repositioned her style, aesthetic, and overall brand to compliment her new material, which resulted in more empowering and eye catching imagery, a more elevated and memorable brand, and a more creatively fulfilled, happier artist! 


You can't bottle lighting, but if you could, we are pretty sure it would like look like FAVVKES. Watch out for this incredibly talented artists that will be releasing new music throughout 2020!

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